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Events & Announcements

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life will take place in Jackson from Sept. 23 to Nov. 1 in front of Planned Parenthood at 2009 W. Michigan. Due to the ongoing and uncertain nature of the Covid situation, we anticipate it will look very different this year. There will be no large events or gatherings and our focus will be on the 40 day, 12 hour a day prayer vigil with at least two people praying each hour in front of Planned Parenthood from from 8am to 8pm. There will be no physical sign-ups in churches, instead we will try to get everyone signed up either through our website or through email, texts or phone calls. There will be no shared supplies at the vigil site and we will offer the opportunity for people who wish to hold a sign to get their own prior to the 40 Days. This will be a socially distanced no touch prayer vigil. The website is open for sign-ups and your help is needed. Go to: 40daysforlife.com/jackson, or contact Beth at 517-262-1750 or beth@thorrez.com.


2020 March for Life

THANK YOU for helping our group attend the March for Life 2020! Enjoy some of our photos here.


Prayer vigil for life

Please join the sidewalk prayer group in front of Planned Parenthood to the new time of Mondays at 1pm.


Did You Know?

Abortion providers argue that second and third trimester abortions are only allowed when a mother's life and health are in danger. What they don't tell you is that according to Doe vs. Bolton, health is defined in very broad terms i.e., social well-being, as to make it virtually impossible for a state to protect the unborn child even after the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy.

Pro-life | Right to Life Video | The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life shows us how amazing and wonderful the gift of Life is that God has blessed us with. Through incredible ultrasound video and photos we can actually see this miracle as we watch a baby develop in the womb.

line Billboard

Pro-Life Billboard Towers Over Planned Parenthood – For One Day

Jackson Right to Life, in Michigan, followed all the rules when
renting billboard space next to the Jackson Planned Parenthood.

For one glorious day a pro-life billboard towered over Planned Parenthood’s pathetic little abortion feeder with the simple but powerful message,
"Choose Life = No Regrets." There was only one problem:
The billboard was on Planned Parenthood’s property.

Adams Outdoor Advertising had leased the billboard space but forgotten about Planned Parenthood’s addendum forbidding any pro-life messaging.

So just as quickly as the billboard went up, on June 9, it came down the next day. Adams is offering Jackson RTL other locations, and on the advice of attorneys Jackson RTL is accepting Adams’ offer and moving on.

But the snafu was all worth it for the amazing photo op, eh?



2019 Motorcade for Life and Prayer Service