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Oratory Contest 2017

High School Oratory Contest - Research, write, and present a 5-7 minute pro-life speech on March 25, 2017. Monetary prizes and chance to advance to State Contest. Rules, application and flyer with contact information here:

Thank You Mom For My Life

Design a billboard contest for grades 7 through 12. The theme is "Thank you mom for my life!" First place is awarded $500, second place $300 and third place $100. The winning artwork will be created as a local billboard up during Mother's Day in May. Rules and more information can be found here.

March For Life 2017

Check out our great 2017 March for Life pictures - click here!


Planned Parenthood Federation of America
by the Numbers

  • 327,653 abortions performed in 2013, up from 165,174 in 1997. Planned Parenthood performs approximately 1 in 3 abortions in the United States
  • In 2013, abortions made up 94% of Planned Parenthood's pregnancy services while prenatal care and adoption referrals decreased
  • 1,880 adoption referrals in 2013, down from 9,381 in 1997
  • Commits approximately 174 abortions for every adoption referral
  • Received more than $528 million from taxpayers in 2013-2014, more than 40% of their overall revenue
  • Made a profit of $127.1 million in 2013-2014 with net assets of more than $1.4 billion dollars
  • Planned Parenthood's cancer prevention services are down 17% over one year, and contraceptive services dropped by 4%
  • Providing and Promoting Abortion flyer available for download and copying - click here.
PP Think Abortion

The Truth About Planned Parenthood

It’s become the worst time of the year: the moment Planned Parenthood releases its annual report. This year, the newly released documents reveal that the "women’s health" organization decreased most of its services in the past year. Cancer prevention, prenatal care and adoption referrals, for instance, were slashed by 17 percent, 4 percent, and 14 percent, respectively. But, one of its most lucrative procedures, abortion, is still going strong.

The pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List provided a helpful fact sheet outlining the most significant points of the latest report. Here are just a few unfortunate statistics that emphasize Planned Parenthood’s dangerous priorities:

  • In 2013, Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions, a slight increase from 2012 (327,166).
  • Over the past three reported years (2011-2013), Planned Parenthood has performed nearly one million abortions(988,783).
  • In 2013, abortions made up 94% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services, while prenatal care and adoption referrals accounted for only 5% (18,684) and 0.5% (1,880),respectively.
  • For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 174 abortions.
  • While abortions rose slightly, adoption referrals by Planned Parenthood dropped 14% in one year, and prenatal care services dropped 4%.
  • Planned Parenthood’s cancer prevention services are down 17% over one year, and contraceptive services dropped by 4%.

As you can see, those "women’s health" services Planned Parenthood brags about are disappearing more and more every year, as it becomes clear the business is focused on living up to its Big Abortion title. There’s no denying it’s a lucrative service.

The organization tries to claim that only 3 percent of its services include abortion. Yet, LifeNews explains why this is a gross miscalculation used to mislead others. For one, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the country, performing 40 percent of all abortions.

Oh, by the way, you’re footing the bill for that. Almost 41 percent of Planned Parenthood’s revenue is provided by taxpayer funding.

In case you need anymore reasons to dislike this organization, read these 10 truths: Cortney O'Brien - 10 Truths I Learned About Planned Parenthood at the National Right to Life Convention.

Each year their reports come out, we are again reminded of Planned Parenthood’s true agenda. Not even they can sugarcoat these very tragic numbers.

To read more and for up to date info, go to the following links:

Also, don't forget to join us if you can in our peaceful protest in front of PP in Jackson on Wednesday afternoons 1-2 and/or Saturday mornings 11am to noon!

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