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Decline to Sign!

Decline to Sign!

Help educate people about the deceptive ballot initiative Reproductive Freedom for All. You may see paid "volunteers" gathering signatures. Learn how to explain that this ballot proposal would radically distort Michigan’s Constitution to create a new unlimited right to abortion, which would spill over and affect many other issues. Visit supportMIwomenandchildren.org for many resources, information and tip line. Contact us with any questions!


Please enjoy our Spring newsletter!
Spring 2022 Newsletter


REMINDER: There will be no April 2022 Focus on Life banquet since we held it in October 2021. See you in April 2023!


Prayer vigil for life

Since Planned Parenthood began offering chemical abortions in Jackson (abortion pills) on unborn children up to 11 weeks old, our response has been to have a prayer partner and sidewalk counselor there each hour they are open.
Those hours are currently Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 5pm. We will provide free training. We are out there with a heart filled with love, mercy and compassion to provide help, hope and real resources to young women believing abortion is their only choice. Please call Beth at 517-262-1750 or email at beth@thorrez.com for more information or to help. We need you!

Abortion Pill Rescue


2020 March for Life

THANK YOU for helping our group attend the March for Life 2020!
Enjoy some of our photos here.


Did You Know?

By eight weeks all body systems are present, and from that point on changes will be primarily in size and refinement of body parts already formed.